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Gift guide for sons and men

I live in a house with my 5 guys :)

For the dudes in your life, i'm sure you know how hard they can be to shop for. So let me make it easy for you! Here are some things my boys either asked for, have and love or might be secretly wrapped under the tree. I shopped around looking for deals, at places that ship fast and free (or low shipping) and are in stock.

Here goes nothing!

Portable speaker: At under $20 this is a safe bet gift that will get lots of use!

Compact wallet: My hubby got one recently and now my 16 year old wants one! These things are amazing and can hold a lot for their size. 12 Cards! A great way to get your guy to declutter and organize their life. No more sitting on a bulky wallet!

I adore these backpacks. They just scream "cool" and stylish in a simplistic way. Not big enough for school but perfect for a time when he needs to carry some extra things and doesn't have the convenience of a purse like us ladies do:)

Walkie talkies: Because all boys love to play with walkie talkies! Ok and maybe some moms too:)

Virtual Reality headset: OK this one is high on our list this year:) This is one of the top gifts this Christmas and are selling out quick. If you haven't seen them in action: check them out. Looking forward to countless hours of family fun! A great way to spend quality time laughing and connecting with your kiddos.

Wireless headphones: Because these will get used every single day. I use mine on my peleton:)

Bluetooth Speaker: Ok I know I linked one above but this one is serious quality. Awesome for teens bedroom or your man's office!

LED light strips: OK I gotta admit these are any teens dream! 2 of my sons have these lining their ceilings and they are controlled by a remote control. You can change them to any color and add a fun. cool vibe to any room! AND surprisingly give off a lot of light, esp in the daylight color.

Instant Camera: These are so so cool! This particular kit comes with everything they need to take instant pics at the best price. I might even have to borrow this from my little man:)

Slip on sneaks: My teens are obsessed with these old school shoes! They wear them with everything: shorts, jeans, and even suits for a cool laid back vibe.

Silver rope chain: Because all the kids are wearing them:)

Magnetic Collar stays: I got these as a random stocking stuffer last year for my hubby and they are one of his favorite, most used gifts. Its thoughtful, and will get a ton of use. I can't tell you how many plastic collar stays i've found in the dryer. Will solve that problem!

Cologne: And not just any cologne. The ABSOLUTE best smelling mens cologne there is. Its dreamy. And lasts forever, even though the boys are always using my hubby's. Love that this comes in a gift box with extras too.

Watch: I love this brand. So simplistic and stylish!

Airpod Case: Because these are a must if you have airpods. These cases help us all tell ours apart, protect them and give a good grip.

Massage gun: Ok these are just a must in every household! I got one for my hubby for Father's day and we all use it, frequently. If you have a sore muscle or knot in your back this thing will pound it out. Like seriously! I'm linking 2 in different price points.

Sanitizer: Because well, Antibacterial should be the word of 2020 -haha so why not get something that will clean everything really good!

OK that wraps it up. Hope this helps give you some ideas if your kids are like mine and watch youtube instead of TV with commercials so don't know what they want:)

Hope you have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year! xoxox


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