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Sephora FAVES!!!

It's that time of the year, (well, thankfully Sephora has been very generous with their VIB Rouge sales this year and this is the 2nd or 3rd one this calendar year) Where everything at my favorite store is 20% off.

I love quality cosmetics. For several reasons: 1. Its my job :) I am a MUA so using top notch quality products on my clients is of the utmost importance. I feel its my responsibility to my gals, to be on the cutting edge of trends and brands. 2. Its my obsession! We all have our thing, makeup just happens to bring me the most joy, behind my family of course! 3. I have very sensitive skin, so I cannot use drugstore products on my skin without a serious reaction. 4. I love walking the isles of Sephora, swatching as many products as possible to feel and touch them before I buy, and a HUGE plus to shopping here is, they are so kind and generous in making a sample of anything you want to try so you can feel confident in the perfect foundation shade or formula. I could go on and on, but being that I do invest a lot of time, energy and money on cosmetics, I will share with you my holy grail products...the things I stock up on when the VIB rouge sale comes along:)

I'll start with self tanner. I have fallen in LOVE with this brand! I use these face drops for my face. What I love about them is, you use your nightly skin care routine, and at the end you mix a few drop in your moisturizer and wake up with a golden fresh tan! I used to have to choose between doing my skin care routine or using self tanner. With this product, I get both! I get the purple drops, they are the darkest. It only takes 2-3 drops and this bottle lasts me about 6 months. (PS you can mix them in body moisturizer also to tan your body! I ALWAYS bring it down the neck and chest so my face isn't darker than my neck. Click here for self tanning drops.

For face spf (One of my biggest regrets in my teens and twenties is not using sunscreen) I have a SLIGHT obsession with this product. I apply it multiple times a day. The thing I love most about it is: You can apply it over your makeup and it doesn't mess it up! Before I hop in my car or go outside, I do a few sprays and i'm on my way. It's an absolute must have for anti aging. Sunscreen typically only lasts 2 hours so that dose you applied in the morning before work is not still working on your drive home:) Sunscreen here.

For primer, and I must preface this by saying this is ONLY for my oily skin babes. I could not live without this primer. I have tried a gazillion. And they simply aren't made for oily skinned girls. This one, has a learning curve because its the consistency of elmers glue! BUT it blurs texture and pores, and mattifies so well. A little bit goes a very far way. And my makeup always looks so much better when I use this as a good base. Primer here.

I'm not going to recommend a foundation for this sale because Im always on the search for the eternal holy grail for my finicky skin. There is a new one that just came out that I should be getting tomorrow. Ill do a full write up just on foundations once I give that one a go.

Under eye concealer. This is a new to me product. Ive been using it about a week and hot dog is it fantastic. Ive been flipping between Maybelline's under eye brightener and born this way concealer...but the Maybelline is too sheer and born this way is too cakey. So is Nars, Charolette Tilbury, Makeup forever, Becca, Bare minerals...I could go on! BUT this one is sheer enough not to cake but covers so good. Really goes on like silk and blends like a dream. I use shade .75 sugar to brighten up the under eye really nicely. Concealer here.

For highlighter, this is the one that dreams are made of! What I LOVE about this one is, the color range (it comes with 3- a light champagne, a soft pink and a beautiful gold) but even more than that, it gives an invisible sheen. It's not that glittery over the top highlight. No harsh highlight. Just a beautiful lit from within glow. Absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE LOVE using the lightest shade down the center of the nose to make it look snatched and thin. Also beautiful on the cupids bow to give that lip highlight. Highlight here.

Speaking of lips, I have a few that i'm crushing on. Ive been on a kick for quite some time of a matte lip. IMHO it gives a seamless plumpness to the lips when lined. But a matte lip can be hard to do without feeling dry. This lipstick has mastered it! Its not a stain or long wear, but it is a super comfortable beautiful lipstick that makes your lips have a beautiful pout. It smells sweet and fresh (Like cupcakes) and the packaging is beautiful. These are my favorite shades and both pair beautifully with this lip liner.(shade iconic nude) This is my favorite everyday (In shade super Cindy) and this is another day favorite (in shade pillow talk) and THIS is my favorite red in the shade Red carpet red.

If you are looking for a total lip splurge: a satin finish in the perfect nude that makes you feel like a million bucks, this is the lip for you!! In shade Bad Lieutenant. You cant go wrong. And I love the weight of the packaging. Luxury and again, total splurge!

For eyeshadow palettes, and don't judge me on this. I SWEAR there is nothing that compares to these shadows. The price tag is steep (thats why we are getting them on sale:P ) But you will be ruined forever on any other brand of shadows if you try these. The color, pigment and blendability is like WHOA. Truly. It took a full year for me purchase one of these because of the price. But now, i have 3. And I never want another brand of shadows again. They are that good! The mattes are creamy. They go where you want and blend like a dream. The creamy metallics pop so beautifully without looking like a glittery mess. So SO elegant and a gazillion ways to use these palettes. These have challenged my creativity to try new looks and i'm obsessed. This one is my personal fav .

This one is a little more neutral and I find myself reaching for it often as well!

And last but not least, I am a sucker for anti-aging devices. But hands down, this little guy packs all the punches into one. It can deep clean, massage (For lymphatic drainage and circulation) de-puff eyes, and remove old pesky self tanner with the change of a brush head. I use it at least once a day and the body adapter for self tanner remover really is the best invention ever.

So here you have it, my absolute favorite items from Sephora! Please feel free to DM me on my instagram with any questions about products. I am a complete and total product junkie and theres not much I haven't tried, sampled or purchased:) Happy shopping!!! xoxo

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