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Holy Grail LIPSTICK!!

Have you every found a SOULMATE beauty product? One that you think was literally made for you? Well, a few times, this product junkie (me!) has found a lip product that made my heart go pitter patter, and I think it will make yours do the same. Strong claim, I know. But trust me, it looks AMAZING on all skin tones. You literally can't go wrong with it.

I've gone through different seasons of lip products that I thought were my jam. For the longest time, the glossier a lip gloss the better. Lipsticks were for little old ladies. (HA!) and then when they Kylie revolution came to be, I tried Matte liquid lips. Ill have to admit, this one took me a hot second to love, because I was all about that shine. (Now I feel like a greasy version of "Mr. Cleans head" when I wear glosses:) But once I saw what matte lips could do to your pout, I became a believer. STILL was all about the gloss type application (remember, lipsticks are for those cuties with white curly pin curls?!) I was skeptical. Especially after seeing the price tag ($34). I know, I know. But it's so heavenly.

SO in love. Its a semi matte lipstick, but its CREAMY. And it stays well. Its the look I love of liquid lips, but without the goopy look and feel. It doesn't crack either. The color is SO pretty and complimentary. It smells like sugar cookies. It makes my pout look puffy and pouty, and it feels weightless. I literally wear it everyday. Oh, and the ROSE GOLD packaging goes perfectly with my absolute favorite lashes, Virago Babe. So my vanity looks so pretty and girlie! So is it worth it? My vote is an astounding YES. I feel like a sexy super woman when I put on my CT pillow talk lipstick. Don't take my word for it, try it and see for yourself!

xoxo Danette

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