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Anti-aging Skincare Routine

I put a poll up on my Instagram asking what my next blog should be about and the overwhelming answer was skincare. I was kind of shocked to be honest:) BUT ask and you shall receive.

I think it's important to note that different skin types need different products. I would describe my skin as combo/oily (more on the oily side) with visible pores as the day goes on and my face gets oilier. I have fine lines around my eyes when my botox wears off. Speaking of, it's about that time:)

I think another important thing to note is that I'm simply sharing what I use and love. Don't focus too much on the brand/products. All of these can be found at different price points. And last thing to note is: I have a lot of friends in the beauty industry that send me products to try, or have an overflow of gratis. And I also get sent products from companies to review. So if you total up all the products I use you might think i'm a bit of a diva-lol! I'm actually very budget conscious from our early years of marriage on government assistance and clipping coupons! (If you know our story, you know! For the first 9 years Adam was in college/grad school, but I'll save that for another blog) I've tried everything from Chanel to Loreal' and these are my personal favorites. You will never regret taking good care of your skin!

With budgets in mind, I'm going to list what I use and love, and then what I use when i'm paying full price for products - LOL! Good quality stuff, still not cheap but great quality. We will separate these into "Mid range" and "Splurge" I use the Splurge items but have used and love everything on this page i recommend. The mid range may have some of you sticker shocked, and I totally get it. Again focus on the products not the brands and get ones that work with your budget:)

First thing in the am, I wash. (SHOCKER I KNOW!) haha

I cannot stand grease face I wake up with. You could fry and egg on that!

Next, and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT product I put on my face, so IMO if you are going to splurge on something, I'd throw all my money here: Vitamin C. And they are NOT all created equally. I'm going to go a little into nerd talk about why this is the one thing you should never go without in your daytime routine. Vitamin C fades sun damage, scars, ect. (lightens hyperpigmentation) and are packed with antioxidants to make the skin glow! So it has that going for it. But even more amazing than that, it protects the skin from free-radical damage, evens skin tone and promotes collagen production. The best way it was explained to me in layman's terms was this: Think of vitamin C as the bouncer at a club. He doesn't let anyone get in who's not supposed to be there. Vitamin C is the bouncer, blocking harmful sun rays and protecting skin cells from free radicals. It lessens sun damage and fades sun damage. SIGN ME UP!

OK next up is hyaluronic acid. This little gem helps our skin hold onto water and keep the skin hydrated and plump. It improves skin elasticity making it appear more dewy and youthful. So think of this like a tall glass of water for your skin!

Next is moisturizer. I like them super lightweight during the day. It helps your skin to have more elasticity, be smoother and keep your skin hydrated. And when used right after hyaluronic acid, it really helps hold in moisture! Which even us oily girls need.

Next up is eye cream. OMG don't skip the eye cream! Eyes are the first place we show age because the skin is so thin, and it's constantly moving due to facial expressions. You want this area to have lots of bounce so its not pulling.

And last up: the real MVP is sunscreen. With sunscreen and vitamin C, a hat and sunglasses, you should be very well protected outdoors. Just make sure you are reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours:) The mid range option here is for non makeup days. It's really thick and doesn't wear well under makeup for oily skin.


So now on to the night. It's a little different.

First up: cleanse (Same products as the morning)

If I have on makeup I use these oil based eye makeup remover pads. They get it all off without tugging and pulling on the eyes.

Next: Vitamin A. (retinol) aids in collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin texture and age spots. It exfoliates skin cells to reveal brighter, clearer looking skin and is a miracle for preventing breakouts. It also helps minimize pore size and reduces oil production. So basically, retinol is a miracle in a tube (Or bottle, or jar-LOL) The absolute holy grail of retinol is a prescription strength from your dermatologist. (I have a script for .5 strength) But if that's not practical for you...Just use an OTC one.

This step is followed by Hyaluronic acid, to really hold in that moisture. (Esp after applying retinol because it can be drying)

Same products as morning.

Then, eye cream. I use a different one for day and night, but that's not necessary.

The mid range is my day, and the splurge is my night. (the splurge is too heavy under makeup but its amazing!)

Same as the morning routine listed above.

And lastly, a good deeply moisturizing night cream. Your skin repairs while you sleep so you want it packed with loads of moisture over night.

And every other night I like to add tanning drops in my night moisturizer. I do 3-4 drops, mix it in my hand with the night cream and then apply on face and neck. Don't forget to wash your hands or you will wake up with cheeto palms -haha! This will help you wake up to the ultimate bronzed glow. I have two that I like. I prefer the 2nd option.

And there you have it! I also use several skin care devices and facial massage tools but this is already long enough. Those will need a separate write up of their own! I i'm the biggest product junkie- i've tried and tested so many things. I am trying out a really cool at home laser for the eye area that I am excited to share if the results are as good as they claim!

DM me on Insta @danette_and with any questions! I am by no means a skin expert, but I'm happy to help.

If you've read this far, God bless you- haha! You just may be as obsessed with anti-aging as I am!



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