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FOUNDATION (and all the products I'm loving right now!)

LOTS to talk about in this blog. It's been a minute! The good news is: Quarantine has left me with too much time to try new products and man, I've found some good ones. I'm going to break down everything I used to make this look (there is a video on my IG @danette_and) of the recreate. BUT the main thing I want to focus on is the foundation!!! I mean, what could make my skin go from the photo on the left to the photo on the right?

Quick backstory: I used to work for a little company called Estee Lauder. They sell a foundation that everyone was bananas for. But I couldn't for the life of me like it. In fact I hated it. I haven't tried it since I left the company (A long time ago!) And have had a negative opinion of it ever since. BUT it always pops up in all my research, for the quest of the never ending search for the best foundation for me. That, topped with my former favorite foundation (Charolette Tilbury) not agreeing with my skin in this hot-humid Florida heat, I figured I should give it a go. VERY skeptical, I bought it (because of Covid-19 I couldn't get a sample poured like usual) So matching was fun. (You can't even try the shades in the stores!) So I 100% relied on the description to choose. And it was the most perfect shade for me! I went with "WHEAT" and its described as a medium with neutral, subtle golden undertones. IT'S SO PRETTY! The finish is flawless and it stays in place so well. It doesn't separate or start sliding off my oily skin in the heat. And it's virtually MASK proof. YUP< when I remove my mask my makeup is still there. It looks like skin. I apply the tiniest amount so a little goes a long way. But I imagine when I tried it years ago, I was way over using product to have the impression it was cakey. It's not at all. Just use a light hand. It's not as matte as I remembered either. I pair it with a light reflecting setting powder, so it gives a dewy soft finish. Not too matte or cakey.

I'll note my skin type because that matters most in choosing the perfect (FOR YOU) foundation. This is certainly mine! I'm combination but lean way more oily. My pores are visible and I have sun damage and slight discoloration. So I like some coverage, but still want to look like skin.

So that's the main topic for today's blog. Because I have been faithful to the CT foundation for a few years now, it was worth stating why i've changed foundations. If you love that one, stick with it! But I just did this look on my IG and I want to link all the products for you because you always ask:)

Here is the breakdown:





LIPSTICK In shade 9

OK, that about sums it up!!! Please message me on IG if you have any questions and stay healthy!!

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