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Get your sale on!!

This sale only comes twice a year and its HERE!!! The sephora beauty insider sale. Depending on your status with Sephora, (basically how much you spend in a year) will determine your percent off. Everyone gets 10% off, VIB (spends over $350 a year) gets you 15% off and VIB Rouge (over $1,000 a year) will get you 20% off! The code is the same for all: SPRINGSAVE

OK I'm going to get right down to my favorite products, and what I ordered (I had my cart filled and pushed "purchase" as soon as the sale went live at midnight-haha!

Im trying a few new things:

This is what i'm most excited to try: its a lightweight, oil free day moisturizer. After researching and reading a gazillion reviews, i'm hopeful this will be the best product for my skin type in the summer (combo, more oily, plus I live in humid middle Florida so if I get something too thick, it slides off. ESP in the warmer months). I decided to really go for it and get the value size, although it comes in 3 sizes. Here

I also wanted to try a new cleanser, so I got this in the smaller size to see if I like. Again, its supposed to be good for combo skin and has light exfoliation so I cant wait to try! Here

Next I ordered this eye cream. I have night eye cream that I love, but it doesn't wear great under my makeup- its too thick. So after researching and reading reviews, this seems like a great anti-aging eye cream that won't pill or crease under makeup. And the price point is pretty sweet too. Here

I'm actually really excited to give this a try. Its a lip mask. A night, the last thing I do before I turn out the lights is put on chapstick and hand cream. So this lip mask will be even an even better moisture boost! Here

And the last thing I ordered was this mascara. It's simply the holy grail for me! I've used it for years, despite a few deviations to try other new products. Nothing compares. My bestie that has worked in high end cosmetics for 20+ years (For Lancome, Chanel, YSL, Laura Mercier, Sheisdo, just to name a few!) tried it a few weeks ago and was blown away. It's the best. I like to replace my mascara every 3 months to keep it fresh and avoid eye irritation, so It just makes sense to get it while its on sale:) Here

So those are the things I got last night. Now i'll highlight some of my all time favorite products that are worth getting on sale!

This is a fantastic Hyaluronic acid. At just $12 for the 2 ounce, bottle, it will last you forever. This is a step I do morning and night on my face, neck and chest. It helps your skin retain hydration so makes skin more plump and hydrated! Think of it as a tall glass of water for your skin:) It goes on before your moisturizer. Here

If you have wanted to try Natasha Denona shadows, but cant bring yourself to pay $130....This is the perfect gateway! NOTHING compares to her shadows. (Nothing YET anyways *smile :) For only $25 this palette has smaller pans and only 5 colors, but its a great and versatile palette with gorgeous shades. The size to see if it's worth the splurge to you. Here​

On that note, I'll answer the question for you. 100% worth the splurge, so if you can, just go for it! NO shadows blend like hers. (YET) haha! The color payoff for the low fallout is insane. They effortlessly blend. And the shimmers are the perfect "POP" So if you want to go all out, this is my favorite ND palette: Here

My fav foundation is great because it seriously takes barely any product to get good coverage. They have 44 shades and the finish is so pretty. I have 3 shades my pale shade is (5) my in between shade is (6) and my fresh self tanner shade is (7.5) Remember, a little goes a long way! Here

This brow stuff is my jam!!! Its seriously the best, esp if you have very sparse brows and need to carve on out I think i'm on my 5th bottle of this stuff. Here

If you're in the market for a fantastic under eye concealer, you can thank me later:) Does not crease, good coverage, doesn't cake, melts into your skin for a 2nd skin look. Moisturizing. I use shade .75 Here

After a hunt for the perfect bronzer (Ive tried so many!!!) I settled on this and couldn't love it more. The shade is the most gorgeous tan, isn't too red or too muddy, is buildable and looks natural. I use the shade "Laguna". Here

Speaking of bronzed skin:) This stuff is the best facial tanner. I love it because you incorporate it into your night time routine. You don't have to choose between taking care of your skin and tanning. I do my usual routine (Retinol, Hylarounic acid, moisture) and mix 3 drops of this in with it. BAM. Wake up with a gorgeous glow. I also do another 3 drops in my neck moisture to blend it. I like the dark Here

And to set it all, I love this powder. My favorite way to apply loose powder, for a gorgeous airbrushed finish, is to apply with a damp beauty sponge. I roll it on. It helps it all melt together and sets it really well! This is fantastic and will last you forever. Here

And last but certainly not least, (and I realize this is a crazy, crazy splurge!) Is this nifty hair tool. I haven't shared about it much because i realize its crazy expensive. But with this sale you can get $100 off!! Certainly not a must have, but it lives up to all the hype. The brush adapter makes your hair so silky. And if you are a blowout lover, you will really appreciate the bouncy, airy curls this puts out! Here

AND my most favorite face accessory is on sale (Not at sephora :) 20% off. I wear "giselle" every. single. day. Code: LOVE


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