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The story Behind Virago Babe

Virago Babe came about from a problem: For about 6 months, I tried the semi permanent eyelash extensions. On other people they are BEAUTIFUL....but for me, they made my eyes look droopy, tired and heavy. I couldn’t shower for 48 hours after getting them because they couldn’t get wet, or the adhesive could peel from the steam. I had to sleep on my back- because side sleeping would make them look wonky and crazy and make them fall off!! Every 2 weeks I would pay a lot of $$$, to lay on a flat table for 1-2 hours and get a fill in....and each time I went back I had a worse reaction to the fumes. (If you’ve ever gotten them- you know how STRONG the glue smells!) The middle picture was the morning I went for the last time. I had a severe reaction and my throat started closing up- and I couldn’t breath! My eyes were so swollen and red and felt like they were on fire! They completely ruined my lashes and it took me 6 months for grow baby lashes back. (Yes I’ve tried the growth serums- I had a similar reaction to the middle picture with the 3 diffrent ones I tried) so that wasn’t an option.

Extensions vs Virago Babe strip lashes

I am not knocking extensions- just sharing my personal experience. They are beautiful on most people- but for me- the maintenance, heavy look and reaction was enough to find an alternative. (Because- I have blonde lashes and look sick with nothing!) Insert virago babe! Everytime I thought I found the “perfect lash” I still found myself cutting and shaping it more- tweaking the shape to be just what I wanted it. I wanted it to be comfortable- natural- (so many strip lashes look like the only place they belong is at the circus. ) pretty, soft, feminine! And I wanted to have diffrent looks for diffrent moods and events. So...I created one!! Virago Babe was birthed from a desire to find a solution that would fit women everywhere. If I had this experience- I know I couldn’t have been the only one!! Now, I can pop them on in a matter of seconds when I want them- or have the option to do nothing. I can wear each pair up to 25 times (although I’ve been wearing a few of the same sets for 3+ months! ) so the cost comes out to basically $1 per use.#eyelashextensions



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