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NBR Hair Extensions

Maybe she's born with it... Maybe its NBR!

This method was developed by Danielle White- owner of DKW Styling salon in Laguna Beach, California.

I’ve been getting beaded extensions for years. (Ive also had the keratin infused/glued kind). With the beaded extensions, there is basically tiny clusters of hairs attached by a metal beads ALL over your head. I loved them when I had them, but I couldn't wear my hair up, or they would show....the removal/move up process took HOURS and they were so uncomfortable for about a week after you got them. They looked great! And you can reuse the same hair for up to a year (Huge plus!) These need to be moved up every 8-10 weeks. I don't feel like they did tremendous damage to my hair, and again loved them when I had them.

Ive also had the keratin infused. It was the same concept as the beaded extensions, except instead of beads connecting the hair in clusters all over your head, there was a keratin glue type substance that was "melted" onto my hair. This was my least favorite type. If you get any heat on your hair (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron etc) it melts the keratin and, in my experience, I lost about 30 clusters in one week!! (Along with MY Hair) So the damage was real. And it was a mess. Another huge drawback, the hair has to be replaced every 10-12 weeks when they get moved up, making it insanely expensive, AND it took like 6 hours.

Next, Natural beaded row....OH MY GOSH! Never going back!! With the NBR, there are super thin wefts of hair that layer on top of one another. SO depending on how much hair you have, and the look you are going for, you have 1-2.5 rows of these wefts, on your head. The wefts are attached to a thread- which is attached to very tiny beads, every 2 fingers across the width of your head. So maybe 10-12 beads in each row. (as opposed to 100+ with the beaded or keratin!) Then the wefts are sewn on the the string, so the weight of the wefts is being supported on the beads, NOT your hair! That means there’s maximum hair for minimal contact/strain on your hair! The hair can be reused for 9-12 months and need to be moved up every 8-10 weeks. The move up process is fast and easy. AND, they don't show when the wind blows. Unless you went digging around in my head, you would never know they were extensions.

I’ve had the beaded extensions for 4 years and I couldn’t wear my hair up without them showing- so I never did. Not any more! I’ve been wearing my hair up everyday since I got these and they are untraceable. Pretty soon you’ll be calling me ponytail girl 😂 Not many stylists are certified in NBR so if you live in FL- or anywhere even remotely close, make the trip to Tampa and get an appointment with Lala Todorovic, your hair will never look better!

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