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How many times can I wear each pair of lashes?

With proper care, these lashes can be worn up to 25 times!

How do I care for the lashes to make them last?

Always store them in their beautiful home (their box!) near the middle of the case so they maintain their curl. This will keep the shape and ensure they are dust free. Don't ever sleep with them on and avoid getting them wet. When there is a lot of visible glue build up on the band GENTLY pull away the glue. This does not need to be done after each use, it will weaken the band. I only do this about every 5 uses. Doing this step too often or too harshly may result in tearing the band. Do not apply mascara to the lashes. (do it before you apply them so they blend better with your natural lashes. 

They are way too long, what do I do?

As soon as you get the lashes- without glue do a "dry run." lay them across your eye as you would apply them, to gauge where they need to be cut. Always cut from the OUTSIDE end of the lash (the one toward the outer corner of your eye), one "cluster" at a time. Most lashes have tiny clusters- cut from the outside and gradually try them on without glue until they are sized right. I like to have mine start at the outer edge of my eye and come in slightly past my inner eye lashes.  Check out the video in the "How-To" section of the website.  Link above!  

What kind of glue is best?

Anything goes! You can pick up lash glue from any drugstore. I personally use the duo or Andrea glue in black. If you are allergic to latex, be sure to find a latex free glue. (house of lashes makes a wonderful one and you can get this from sephora). 

How do I apply them?

Once your makeup is complete- add them as a final step. Apply a thin layer of glue across the band, careful to keep the glue off of the actual lash. Once the glue is on the lash, gently roll the lash back and forth to get it ready to conform to your eye shape. This step will preLet the glue set and get tacky for about 30 seconds and then starting at the outer edge of your eye, line up the outer edge of the lash and press towards the middle. You can also use tweezers by lightly pinching them mid lash. Using a hand held mirror hold it below your face and out a few inches, then line the middle of the lash where you want it to lay and gently press. Once it is where you want it, either use the end of a makeup brush or your fingers to press and lower them to sit just above your natural lash. If they are peeling in any area, simply use tweezers to move it where you want it.  Check out the video in the "How-To" section of the website.  Link above! 

How do I remove them?

Do not use eye makeup remover on them. Gently peel the edge of the band starting from the outer corner of your eye and peel off! 

Were animals harmed in the making of these lashes?

No! Our lashes are 100% cruelty free. Our mink is obtained by gently brushing live animals, and is sterilized before being hand-assembled into a durable, high-quality finished product. 

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